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Part 1 Module 4: The FAFSA
2016-17 Complete FAFSA Instructions
2016-17 FAFSA on the web worksheet
2017-18 Complete FAFSA Instructions
2017-18 FAFSA on the web worksheet
How to Get an FSA ID
Myths about Financial Aid
Part 2 Module 4: Where Does It All Go? Tracking Income/Expenses
Income-Expense Tracking Spreadsheet
Part 2 Module 8: Your Credit Report
Annual Credit Report Request Form (pdf)
Building a Better Credit Report - FTC Booklet (pdf)
Part 2 Module 10: Identity Theft
ID Theft: What It's All About-FTC Booklet
Take Charge: Fighting Back Against Identity Theft-FTC Booklet
Off-Campus Housing Cost Estimator (spreadsheet)
Part 1 Module 7: Building Your Financial Plan for College
4 Page College Selection/Financial Plan to Printout
Downloadable College Financial Plan Worksheet.docx
Resume Template
Exploring College Opportunities
Campus Living
Ways to Pay for College - How America Pays for College 2010 (pdf)
Part 1 Module 3: Ways to Pay for College without Borrowing
Scholarship Resource List
Part 1 Module 2: Understanding the Costs of College
The Four-Year Myth – 2015