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Graduate image with message: Graduate with financial confidence is a free online course to help students and their families learn how to plan for the costs of education or training after high school and gain money management skills that last a lifetime.

College is awesome!
Eating ramen for breakfast...not so much. Don't let financial challenges interfere with achieving your goals! Stay ahead of the money game and learn how to:
  • Apply for scholarships, grants and loans
  • Handle student loan debt
  • Develop a spending and savings plan
  • Build your credit
Prepare them for anything.
Higher education is a huge investment, so make sure both you and your student understand where the money is going before they head out the door.
  • Help your student choose the school they can afford
  • The risks in co-signing for student loans
  • Strategies to repay student loan debt
  • Factors that lead to student success
Financial tools are here.
If you're a teacher or counselor check out the free tools to help you guide your students in financial literacy for future success.
  • Lesson plans for each module
  • In-class activities and homework assignments
  • Quizzes and testing materials
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